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Our Mission

We are a dedicated group of students from Pakistan with a mission to foster healthy learning habits and promote educational equity across our nation. Recognizing the significant barriers posed by the high cost of textbooks, we took it upon ourselves to address this challenge. Our goal is to provide affordable access to quality books for students who are in need but are often discouraged by prohibitive prices. Through our platform, we aim to create a supportive community where knowledge can be shared freely, resources are utilized efficiently, and every student has the opportunity to succeed academically without financial constraints.

Shariq Ahmed Shaikh
Abdul Sami Qureshi
Sana Fatima
Noor Eman
Muhammad Usman
Arisha Javed
Warda Tahir
Alizay Ijaz

Our Story

We are a group of eight students from different parts of Pakistan who united through the Amal Academy Fellowship to find initiatives for the betterment of our country. During our fellowship, we identified many issues, but the most pressing was the education problem in Pakistan. We believe many talented students lack access to the right opportunities, face unaffordable book prices, and are discouraged from studying harder due to these challenges.


Inspired by this belief, we brainstormed solutions and conducted a survey, discovering that many students’ books go unused after their study period. These books often get thrown out or collect dust on shelves. This led us to create our website, a platform to incentivize students to sell their used books to those in need, making educational resources more accessible and affordable.


We also added a blog feature, rewarding students who share their knowledge by writing about their school lives, university experiences, research work, and daily activities. This idea united us, transforming our group into a cohesive TEAM dedicated to improving education and empowering students across Pakistan.


Incentives with this platform

Our platform offers various incentives to create a healthier and more motivated studying environment, boosting the drive for learning in Pakistan. Research supports these strategies:


Affordable Access to Books: Studies show that affordable educational resources boost academic performance. Our marketplace for used books ensures financial constraints don’t hinder progress.


Earn Rewards through Blogging: Research indicates that active participation in learning communities enhances outcomes. Students earn points by sharing knowledge through blogs, which can be used to purchase books at lower prices.


Community Engagement: Educational research highlights the importance of community support. Our platform fosters connections where students can exchange ideas and support each other.


Sustainability: Promoting book reuse aligns with research on sustainable practices, benefiting both the environment and the academic community


Enhanced Motivation: Research shows motivation is key to success. Easier access to books and rewards keep students engaged and focused on their goals.