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Buy and sell used books easily on our student-focused platform. Save money, earn rewards, and share knowledge through our vibrant community blogs. Join now for affordable textbooks and educational resources at your fingertips.

Services We Offer

Book & Notes Selling
Users can sell their old textbooks or other books at a cheaper cost than the original price. They can connect to the buyer through the chat system on the website.

Write blogs on the website on topics of your choice. Engage with blogs written by other students to support them with their work. Show your passion for writing and earn points.

Point System
Earn points through writing blogs and trading books/notes. These points can be spent to purchase books at a discounted price enough points.


About Us

Our mission with this platform is to assist students across Pakistan

We are a team of students with a mission to create healthy learning habits in the students of Pakistan. We took upon this challenge to provide cheaper access to books to students who are in need of them but are discouraged by their prices.


Through our platform, used books can be sold by students who no longer need them to those who need them for their studies. Users can either buy them directly, or to make it easier to buy them, users can earn points by either buying and selling their books or by writing blogs on the website.



For any inquiries about site features, services, complaints, or questions, feel free to contact us below.